Autumn Greenmarket

greenmarket pumpkinsGreenmarket Autumn SquashGreenmarket Autumn: Goat Milk SoapAutumn Greenmarket: Root VegetablesAutumn Greenmarket: EucalyptusAutumn Greenmarket: Orange Cauliflower and ChardAutumn Greenmarket: Brussel Sprouts

All the signs of autumn and the winter to come have been here at my greenmarket in Brooklyn. Over the last few weeks there have been pumpkins and colorful speckled winter squashes, and large heads of orange “cheddar cheese” cauliflower piled high.  A smorgasbord of winter vegetables… beets, turnips, brussels sprouts, chard and more, just waiting to be made into something delicious. Long Island’s Goodale Farms also had pretty lilac and lavender-scented goat milk soaps and jarred Salsa (which tastes like a fresh garden)—both gift worthy and welcome for the winter months to come.  More from the greenmarket, to be continued…

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