Sesame Dark Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies | Flavors of Light

Sesame Dark Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

These sesame dark chocolate thumbprint cookies are fast becoming a staple in my house that I can’t live without, especially if you’re from the “not too sweet” camp like I am.  A healthy energy boost, these are dense cookies full of sesame seeds, bound together with tahini and spelt flour and finished with a touch […]

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Roasted Pumpkin Butter with Pecans | Flavors of Light

Roasted Pumpkin Butter with Pecans

You decide how sweet or not you want to go with this healthy pumpkin butter, its rich and complex flavor develops from a second roasting in the oven with the addition of brown sugar, molasses, butter, pecans and spices… slowly caramelizing while a normally bland orange color evolves into a deep, rich rusty hue.

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Autumn: Apple & Fig Cake

Hello there Autumn! Can we talk about this apple and fig cake loaded with tart and crisp apples from the farmers market, dried figs flavored with a hint of sweet, fruity Moscato wine, a good dose of healthy walnuts and gently spiced with cardamom, ginger and cinnamon? What I love about this cake, besides it being incredibly moist and light on sweetness is that…

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Almost Autumn: Market Sweet Corn Succotash | Flavors Of Light

Almost Autumn: Market Sweet Corn Succotash

Succotash hardly needs an introduction, it’s that old-time favorite dish full of late summer vegetables, starring sweet corn and Lima beans. An improvisation of ingredients, succotash is a welcoming host to all sorts of variations; some like tomatoes and okra in their succotash, while others like theirs lightly dressed in cream.

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