Two Gardens in the West Village

Victory Garden NYC: flavorsoflightVictory Garden- NYC: flavorsoflightVictory Garden- NYC-flavorsoflightVictory Garden- NYC-cosy-flavorsoflight

village-garden-3-flavorsoflightJefferson Market Garden - flavorsoflight.comtwo-gardens-1-flavorsoflight

A few shots from an afternoon a few weeks ago when I was in the West Village and just had to make a stop to my new favorite place for ice cream and frozen yogurt, Victory Garden on Carmine Street. Their frozen yogurt is the real deal—made from goat’s milk and locally sourced ingredients, with enticing middle eastern inspired flavors. A few of the seasonal flavors; Chocolate Mastic, Saffron Apricot, Marjoram Honey (this one is incredibly refreshing), or regulars, like Chocolate Sea Salt and Salted Caramel are favorites. They also have lots of good things to eat and drink, like sandwiches, salads, desserts and a basil infused lemonade. I know I’ll be back and if you’re anywhere near Victory Garden go and treat yourself.

Speaking of gardens, another little gem of a spot I like to visit and one of the prettiest places is Jefferson Market Garden. Tucked into a triangle corner just off of 6th Avenue in the West Village, it’s a great spot to go to for a mini escape from the city bustle.

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