Summer Melons | Flavors of Light

Summer Melons

I couldn’t resist getting both of these melons from the farmers market. One a yellow watermelon, the other a very ripe cantaloupe, so it was the first to get eaten. It’s paired here with a delicious farmstead “Womanchego” cheese (like Manchego) from Cato Corner Farms. …

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Squash Tomato Jam Crostini | Flavors of Light

Summer Squash-Tomato Jam & Crostini

I’ve been making small batches of what I’m calling summer squash-tomato jam. The squash is first sautéed with fragrant thyme and garlic with a bit of heat from dried red pepper. Then, slowly simmered with tomatoes until they caramelize, flavors become rich and sweet. What I had in mind when I made this was as a topping for crostini—a perfect light bite to […]

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